Unlock success within the global cross reality industry.

PROJECTR® accelerates learning, growth and success for globally-focused disruptive technology startups. Our residents enjoy the support of international XR, AI and IoT leaders in our global community. To residents of our other PROJECTR Centers, you are welcome to access PROJECTR®  Taipei.

Spaces are limited

PROJECTR® Taipei is here. We have availability for up to 26 Fulltime Residents, four Flexible Residents (at any one time) plus four Student Intern residents in our Taipei shared workspace. Please let us know if you are considering taking a seat in our Center so we can discuss the best way forward.


Get involved in collaborative projects using cutting edge immersive solutions in VR/AR/MR, in AI and in IoT. Companies are welcome to contact us to propose possible large-scale projects for our residents to engage on.


We have Fulltime & Flexible Resident spaces available for leading startups. Use our VR Room and demo areas, equipment & workspace. We allow up to four Student Intern residents to occupy space whilst completing their under- or post-graduate studies anywhere in the world.


Our residents operate workshops, and demo-days to showcase the latest applications of virtual, mixed and augmented reality. We work closely with local AVR trade group and with AI and IoT industry leaders to host broad industry events.