Michael Gregg, PROJECTR.

Our Founder and Managing Director/President of PROJECTR Taipei is available for speaking or consulting engagements. This brief background outlines his involvement in the fast-growing immersive computing and extended reality (XR) sector.

Brief Biography

Michael Gregg works at the forefront of the XR and immersive computing sector.

He was founding Chair of the New Zealand VR/AR Association (NZVRARA) in 2016, stepping down in 2018. Michael was subsequently made a Life Member and Ambassador of the Association.

Michael has authored two books on the AVR sector: ‘Virtual Gets Real’ published in September 2017 and ‘Going Next Level’ (due for release very soon). Both books explore the New Zealand Cross Reality ecosystem and set out challenges to conquer to ensure that country’s global success in this sector.

In New Zealand, he is a member of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment College of Assessors, sitting on their Impact Panel for the Endeavour Fund (fund size: NZ$243M in 2020/21).

He established PROJECTR® in 2016, with the first center opening in New Zealand’s capital city in 2017. PROJECTR Auckland opens in September 2018 and PROJECTR Taipei is due to open later this year.

As Managing Director/President of Blackeye VR, Michael consults on VR enterprise solutions and operates an Experience Studio developing immersive solutions for global clients.

Michael also holds non-executive investments and directorships in other XR startups operating in the fields of entertainment, motion and 360 video.


Specialist Advice

Please contact Michael Gregg for specialist XR industry advice including:

  • Media commentary into the growth of the cross (extended) reality sector; 
  • Independent investment analysis and advisory services, specifically into 360 video, virtual, mixed and augmented reality funding and growth models;
  • Workshops into the role and potential of virtual and mixed reality and immersive technologies;
  • Cross Reality-specific mentorship support for international co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators;
  • Speaking engagements and panel discussions for startup, XR industry and hi-tech events;
  • Workshops and meetings that address the role of VR/AR/MR in Enterprises and Government; and
  • Independent or Non-Executive Board positions and Advisory Board appointments.