Latest News | PROJECTR | June 08, 2019

PROJECTR Kaohsiung!

We’ve got exciting news. PROJECTR® Kaohsiung is scheduled to open this September in the Kaohsiung Software Technology Park.

Kaohsiung is increasingly being referenced as a global hub for VR creative content development. To support this growth, the Taiwan Government has partnered with the Kaohsiung City Government to co-invest with VR companies into further developing the VR sector in Southern Taiwan. This is just another reason to choose Taiwan’s amazing port city to locate your tech startup in North Asia.

We are currently appointing a community manager and project manager to support the foreign startup companies we select to participate with in this facility. Our Kaohsiung Headstart program will help you get here and get settled in.

PROJECTR® Kaohsiung is installing the latest in VR headsets, some cool immersive technology, plus powerful workstations for rendering.

We will also offer our incubator assistance program for offshore English speaking tech startups from Kaohsiung.

If you want to better understand the enormous benefits from basing your global XR startup in North Asia, particularly if you are building creative content platforms or location-based experiences, please contact us about locating in Kaohsiung.

We’re happy to consider your application to join us at PROJECTR® Kaohsiung, but please note that we have very limited entry and will be highly selective about which residents to allow in. We recommend sending us an email to make a time to talk online.

"The transition of Kaohsiung from the world's largest shipbuilding port to a high-tech hub for somatosensory and immersive computing is a remarkable transformation!"

Michael Gregg, Managing Director, PROJECTR Taiwan

Kaohsiung already has amazing VR facilities such as the VR FilmLab and Viveland as well as being home to leading location-based VR companies such as Brogent Technologies and is the North Asia home for location-based VR entertainment content creator, Blackeye VR.

We can introduce you to the local XR community, the Kaohsiung City Government and other agencies who can advise and assist you, plus help you organise accommodation and get you up and running here with our Kaohsiung Headstart service (read below!)

PROJECTR is coming to Kaohsiung in September 2019.

PROJECTR® Kaohsiung will have a focus on creative content for VR and location-based entertainment. The city has a strong animation industry to support the growing VR sector, plus a large number of production studios and somatosensory hardware providers.

We have a limited number of hot desks that we will make available to residents of our PROJECTR® Taipei XR Centers. Residents of our XR Centers are welcome to book our VR technology for your local presentations, subject to availability.

Get a Kaohsiung Headstart!

The PROJECTR Kaohsiung team (Taiwan locals) will help you to establish your company and support you during pre-arrival and on your arrival into Kaohsiung. Within our Headstart package, we will:

  • workshop the entry process with you (1 hour session) to answer your questions and agree a forward plan;
  • ‘create the three Mandarin (Traditional Chinese) names needed for your company application;
  • make introductions to our recommended providers for your Kaohsiung company formation (a fixed fee has been negotiated) and to local accountancy/advisory service providers to set your financial accounts and invoicing process up;
  • arrange your Company and personal Chops (official stamp) – even help you choose your own personal Chinese name;
  • assist with introductions to Government officials for Entrepreneur Visa, work permits (once your company is formed) or other applications;
  • help you draft your business cards with Traditional Chinese characters and help arrange printing;
  • point you to the best websites for various services such as accommodation;
  • accompany you to view rental accommodation and reading your apartment rental agreement when you arrive; and
  • assist you with your mobile phone and internet account setup.

We charge a small fixed fee of TWD$25,000 for this formal on-boarding service (that works out at around USD$100 per hour for a capped 8 hours of our time). We reckon it will save you far more than organising these same products and services yourself.

You may choose to start using this service during your investigation process, prior to signing up to being a PROJECTR® Kaohsiung resident. We can give you a checklist to indicate the specific services you require from us and a simple agreement to sign to ensure you’re clear about the legal limitations of our friendly advice. Also please note that payment to PROJECTR® is required in advance of any services being activated.