Latest News | PROJECTR | May 17, 2019.

VR Visionaries.

It’s been a busy month. We hosted twelve international VR Visionaries to Taiwan and Michael delivered a keynote address at the Kaohsiung AVR+ School opening.

The PROJECTR® team has been entertaining international guests to Taipei and Kaohsiung as part of the VR Visionaries program, delivered by the Institute for Information Industry, and which we were honored to have helped name and design.

This time, our fortunate VR leaders have travelled from Switzerland, Bulgaria, USA, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Germany and Italy.

We introduced this impressive group to an equally talented team of advisors who can help them set up their business operations here in Taiwan. We witnessed the signing of an MoU between French VR film producer, Lucid Realities and a local arts company. We met with local VR hardware makers and enjoyed some onsite VR entertainment at HTC Viveland and at the Vision Gets Wild festival running at present. We even managed to have a fun night of entertainment including watching a stunning sunset from the roof of a local Kaohsiung apartment! 

VR Film Lab Kaohsiung
VR Visionaries at VR FilmLab, Kaohsiung, May 2019.

The VR Visionaries program will operate again later this year so please shout out if you are an offshore VR company founder and believe locating to Taiwan will boost your business success. We can discuss covering flights, accommodation, meals and travel expenses to allow you to investigate the global VR hub being created in Kaohsiung.

The week prior, PROJECTR® Managing Director, Michael Gregg presented the keynote address at the AVR+ Applications Forum as part of the opening of the AVR+ School at the National University of Kaohsiung.

Recently we attended the annual announcement of the Government’s FunTech support funding regulations for application by local VR companies. Held at Kosmos Spot operated by the Kaohsiung City Government, a turnout of over 50 local VR company leaders were present.

Whilst on things Kaohsiung, we’ve got some more exciting news to announce within the next month about PROJECTR® in Kaohsiung, so watch this space!

Next week we’ll be attending InnoVEX at the Taipei Exhibition Center to meet with offshore VR companies who are considering basing themselves in Taiwan. We hope to see you there.

We are looking forward to catching up with the crew at Next Drive who are exhibiting at InnoVEX. This disruptive Taipei IoT company is focused on delivering an energy platform into North Asian markets, and beyond.  We are talking with Next Drive about aggregating and demonstrating a full suite of electricity sector IoT solutions within PROJECTR® Taipei. If you are working in IoT, please reach out to us to see whether we can fit your product within this initiative.

New Headsets and a growing VR Community!

Across the globe, VR is starting to get some real traction. With just under a million attached users on Steam VR each month, we expect the one million mark to be passed this year. And hopefully a second million connected in May 2020. This growth will be largely due to the plethora of new technology arriving onto the scene.

As Michael Gregg (PROJECTR® founder/CEO) cautioned in his AVR+ Keynote this month, less than 2M headsets is comparable to the number of people who still ride a horse to work around the world. With over 5.5B mobile headsets, we’re along way off having a mass consumer market, but like the early cellphone sector, it’s great to see industry innovating so fast.

Oculus have recently launched with their wireless 6DoF Quest and HTC are selling the Vive Focus around the globe now.  The RiftS and the Vive Pro Eye have also dropped. Of interest, Windows Mixed Reality HMDs continue to be popular with over 10% of connections on Steam.

PROJECTR® Taipei will continue to provide all these new headsets (we’re particularly enjoying the Acer OJO500 we’ve had here since 2018) and many other flavors of headsets and immersive technology onsite for our residents to use.

We’re super-excited about PROJECTR® Taipei and the prospective residents we’ve been talking to. Please feel free to reach out if you’re headed to Taipei. We’re here to help and we would love to meet you!

Talk soon,

The PROJECTR® team