Latest News | PROJECTR | May 15, 2019

Let's talk funding.

Working capital is the lifeblood of any startup, and emerging tech startups are no different.

Whilst revenue is the best oil for companies, having non-dilutive capital introduced into your newly formed tech company can help you get to the start line. Our PROJECTR® Taiwan team frequently meets with a wide range of Taiwan entities that can help you with financial support. Here’s some introductory information. We’ve also recently caught up with the very friendly and helpful central government officials who can help your entry into Taiwan and provide support for your applications for investment. There are a few key national Government agencies to meet, and we can help you with introductions. One entity is the National Development Fund who are worth considering if your company is more  looking for Pre-Series A investment in the USD$1M or more range although they often work through intermediaries. We can help you plan your approach. The Taipei and Kaohsiung City Governments have established industry incentives and subsidies for local companies. You’ll need to incorporate your company here in Taiwan first though. And you’ll need to be aware of the key dates and milestones before applying. Also co-investment is vital to ensure matching funds can be obtained, so make sure this capital is locked in place ahead of your application. Talk to us at PROJECTR® about co-investing into your startup if you need some seed funding to enable you to relocate here. We are able to support a small number of high growth startups that can present us with a strong case for additional equity investment. Aside from some limited establishment incentives, the Kaohsiung City Government also operates a contestable annual co-investment program to develop R&D within the immersive and somatosensory technology field. This ‘Funtech’ initiative is worth investigating if you are planning to operate from this southern city. Again, just talk to us for more info and the key dates to aim for.

... the Taiwanese local government has decided that VR is one of the key technologies for its future development ... so it is going to create a VR hub in Kaohsiung and is ready to help entrepreneurs (local and foreigners) opening a company there with funding and support. Its hope is to create an excellent VR ecosystem in 2-3 years.

Antony Vitillo, XR commentator and blogger, Italy
[this extract added in June from Tony's excellent SkarredGhost blog]

Building a strong Kaohsiung ecosystem is now well underway, but ongoing growth requires a vibrant inter-connected community of friendly VR and AR companies, hence the role of PROJECTR in bringing promising offshore startups into Kaohsiung, as well as Taipei.

Finally, there are many local and offshore venture capital funds. Some of the limited partners of the major funds have progressed to setting up their own funds. We have some strong local VC networks, plus useful offshore links, such as in Singapore. We can help you plan your investment strategy and structure your investment proposals.

VR Visionaries enjoying Brogent's Q-Ride, May 2019.

We also help with other initiatives such as the VR Visionaries scheme to bring offshore company founders to Taiwan to see the opportunity for yourselves. PROJECTR works closely with Taiwan’s key government agencies and private sector providers on this program.

Remember, it’s vital to our business model that you grow and succeed if you’re part of our incubator program. Talk to us about coming into PROJECTR®. We think it will upwardly change the trajectory of your globally focused XR, AI or IoT business.