Latest News | PROJECTR | December 04, 2018

Quick Quarter.

The last quarter of the 2018 calendar year is flying by. We’ve been meeting and greeting, presenting and planning.

The small PROJECTR® Taipei team has been on the road recently, presenting our credentials to an an international audience of virtual reality professionals working across film production, hardware manufacturer, to architecture leaders and art enthusiasts. 

The foresighted Taiwan VR cooperation agreement with France provides a tremendous opportunity for the leading French VR Film industry practitioners to partner in Taiwan. PROJECTR® has welcomed some of these companies to base themselves in its Taiwan facilities.

Working with our peers in New Zealand, we are also planning a series of VR+ events in 2019 to connect local startups and industry leaders with the many vertical sectors who can leverage VR in their own enterprises.

We’ve undertaken speaking roles at Kosmos Kaohsiung, attended business matching events and enjoyed the works of the International VR Art Forum launched in Taipei on Monday December 3. The volume and quality of the international delegates passing through Taiwan for these government initiatives is impressive. Those working in virtual reality from Taiwan clearly have a market edge when building global networks for collaboration.


"The international VR traffic through Taipei is often almost unbelievable!"

Michael Gregg, Managing Director, PROJECTR Taipei

The strong support of MoEA (including SMEA), IDB, Institute of Information Industry particularly DCIPO, and the Taipei and Kaohsiung City Governments (among many others) collectively drive this activity and should be heralded for these successes.

Launching Kosmos Kaohsiung, Nov. 2018.

The IoT technology field is often overlooked, but we’ve been quietly building a position in this disruptive technology sector. We are seeking English-speaking IoT startups who would like to have direct entry into the domestic and SME electricity sector. We are working on a 2019 initiative to aggregate and demonstrate a full suite of electricity sector IoT solutions across all our PROJECTR® centers.

Get a Taipei Headstart!

Don’t forget to ask about our ‘Headstart’ on-boarding service for overseas companies establishing in Taiwan.  PROJECTR® Taipei offers your subsidiary company support during pre-arrival and on arrival, with a day of business love.

We can assist with Chinese names for your business venture, make introductions to our recommended lawyer (fixed fee negotiated for Taiwan company formations) and accountant to help establish your company here, plus attendance to meet officials and introductions to local company staff, advice on grants and subsidies, initial meetings with VC and seed investors, local industry people and we can even help you get your business cards printed with Traditional Chinese characters.

We charge a fixed fee of TWD$25,000 for this service (works out to around USD$100 per hour for a distributed day of 8 hours). We reckon it will save you that in time and hard costs for the same products and services. This is not our first Taiwan rodeo!

 We can give you a checklist to help identify the specific services you require. Please note that payment to PROJECTR® Taipei is required in advance.

You may choose to use this service during your investigation process, prior to signing up to being a PROJECTR® Taipei resident. Please ask for our checklist and terms of service. We’re here to help!