Latest News | PROJECTR | September 20, 2018

A progress update.

Location. Architects. Building contractors. Equipment. Residents. Support networks. Funding. Legal & Accounting Advisory. Collaborative Projects. All well-advanced. We’re almost ready!

It’s been a long year of planning to establish PROJECTR® Taipei.

Getting the right site for our flagship center was paramount so the search for an optimal location for our newest PROJECTR has been extensive. We surveyed the new eastern commercial area of Taipei, searched the tech parks of Nangang and Linkou on the outskirts, rode the elevators of  dozens of prospective office towers, and climbed the stairwells of character buildings across the older area of this sprawling city. We even ventured up the mighty bamboo-inspired Taipei 101 to view potential sites.

Referencing our purpose as a landing pad for those plying new global digital trade routes, it’s apt that we’ve selected a city location near the historic wharves of the famed Tamsui River – where products such as rice, sugar, coal, camphor, and tea leaves were once ferried downstream to Taipei and Chinese merchant ships tied up at the pier.

“What encouraged us to locate PROJECTR® Taipei here was the fast- growing cluster of virtual reality companies also domiciled in this part of the city,” enthuses PROJECTR Founder, Michael Gregg. “There’s a new breed of merchants now revitalising Taipei’s oldest business district of Datong.”

The district is home to Taiwan’s cross reality association, TAVAR, the new offices for the Digital Content Industry Promotion Office (DCIPO), and amazing locally founded studios such as Funique VR.


"There's a new breed of merchants now revitalising Taipei’s oldest business district of Datong."

Michael Gregg, PROJECTR Taipei

Our architects and contractors are now advancing with the fit-out and we are anticipating a soft opening in November, with residents progressively arriving from then.

Outside PROJECTR Taipei

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Coming to PROJECTR Taipei?

PROJECTR® Taipei offers an on-boarding service for overseas companies establishing in Taiwan. We call this service, Taipei Headstart.

To get you started on your Taipei journey, our team can provide 8 hours time over a couple of weeks to support you during pre-arrival and on arrival. We can assist with Chinese names for your business venture, make introductions to our recommended lawyer and accountant to help establish your company here, plus attendance to meet officials and introductions to local company staff, advice on grants and subsidies, initial meetings with VC and seed investors, local industry people and we can even help you get your business cards printed in Traditional Chinese characters.

We charge a fixed fee of TWD$25,000 for this service (around USD$100 per hour). We can give you a checklist to help identify the specific services you require. Payment to PROJECTR® Taipei is required in advance.

You may choose to use this service during your investigation process, prior to signing up to being a PROJECTR® Taipei resident. Please ask for our checklist and terms of service.